Myanmar is rich with a radiant history and culture.

  • April 23, 2021

 It is the thing that puts the country on the map among other close by nations. Aside from the miracles and excellence of Myanmar, it is additionally wealthy in yearly celebrations. Consistently, Myanmar celebrates various celebrations. Having a rundown of these festivals will assist you with choosing when to visit Myanmar and understand what merriments to expect in the country in various months. 

Rundown of Myanmar Seasonal Festivities 

Manaw Festival – The Manaw Festival is commended each 29th and 30th of January in the Kachin State. It is the Burmese festival of the New Year. The celebration is congregated at the Myitkyina with all the Kachin families, which are the Myanmar slope individuals. During the Manaw celebration, the Kachin clans wear customary outfits and dance around the Manaw poles, like the command hierarchies of the North American Indians. Visit :- เทศกาลศิลปะ

Ananda Pagoda Festival – This merriment is commended each January, contingent upon the lunar schedule. The Ananda pagoda celebration is a well known festival in the country. Priests stand by in line as they are offered donations like dishes of crisps. There are likewise occasion excursions and journeys done around the country. 

Naga New Year Festival – This is praised in the Sagai division. It is perhaps the most energizing and brilliant services in Myanmar. Many individuals from various clans wear their dynamic ensembles and perform ceremonial moves in the roads. You can observer this celebration each twelfth to sixteenth of January. 

Htamane Festival – The Htamane celebration or tacky rice celebration is praised all over Myanmar during the long periods of February until March. This festival is about the collect of tacky rice and sesame seeds. The kinsmen will cook assortments of tacky rice dishes. The Myanmar tacky rice is tracked down all over Southeast Asia, yet it is ceremonially celebrated in Myanmar and is viewed as a public occasion. 

Mahamuni Pagoda Festival – This is another Myanmar celebration praised during the long stretch of February. During this celebration, there are challenges hung on the pagoda stage. There is additionally an assortment of incense sticks consumed as a contribution to the country’s Buddha picture. All these are held during a full moon. 

Shwedagon Pagoda Festival – The Shwedagon celebration is a standard Buddhist pagoda celebration. It is quite possibly the main merriments of pagoda in Myanmar, and is praised each 21st of March.


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